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Custom Printed Boxes & Custom Packaging

1. Design Your Dieline Template

Find the perfect box style for your product,
or let us create a custom die-cut template
that fits your product's requirements.

2. Ready Design For Print

Finalized Design Ready for Print.
Get Free Design Support with your box 3d Renders
or Send Your Design File for Printing.

3. Effortless Printing & Shipping

Upon design approval, we'll print and conduct
quality checks before shipping the boxes to you.


The Benefits of “Custom Packaging” for Small Businesses?

Small businesses need to stand out. Therefore, The Crat Packaging custom printed boxes helps. It also protects products and is a good marketing.

If you Want your brand to be different? Then, Custom printed boxes and packaging can help. And Make packaging that fits your products perfectly. This creates a great experience for customers.

Custom packaging makes your product look good. It also keeps it safe during shipping. Let’s explore the benefits of custom boxes and packaging. See how they boost your brand.

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Custom Printed Boxes: Explore our full range!

Crat Packaging stands out with exceptional customer service and fast turnaround time. Each order gets assigned a project manager who oversees manufacturing and shipping. They work closely with the production team to ensure cartons are made to order at any dimensions and meet specifications exactly, with full customization, including a minimum quantity requirement.

Attention to details

We use the most up-to-date technology and quality control methods to ensure your product is perfect, from printing on the boxes to fitting the product inside.

Fast delivery

Our production process uses multiple levels of management and automated systems to manufacture products quickly. We follow strict standard operating procedures to ensure on-time delivery.

Customization options

Personalize your packaging with our wide variety of customization options such as embossing, debossing, foiling, and window cutting. We can fully customize every box to your specifications.

Live updates

Your dedicated project manager will keep you informed about the design, production, and shipping stages. You'll receive frequent email updates throughout the process so you're constantly in the loop.

Gold Foil Box with Spot UV
White Box with Window Diecut

Make Your Packaging Pop with Special Coatings and Finishes

These finishing techniques not only enhance the visual appeal of your packaging but also provide a tactile experience for your customers. Spot UV coating creates a striking contrast between shiny gloss and dull matte. This makes your logo or text stand out during the checkout process. It adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your design. 

With digitally printed packing boxes, you can achieve vibrant full-color designs without the need for expensive printing plates. This allows you to showcase your brand and its product packaging in a way that will impress your customers and outshine the competition. The use of digital printing ensures that your cartons have impressive ink coverage, capturing the attention of your target audience.

Learn More About Custom Boxes & Packaging

Why Custom Printed Boxes are Important

  • It helps small businesses have a unique brand identity.
  • It gives a consistent brand image everywhere.
  • Put your logo, colors, and design elements on packaging. This shares your brand personality.
  • Unique packaging makes unboxing exciting.
  • It leaves a lasting impression on customers.
  • They’ll share the experience on social media.
  • This can increase loyalty and referrals.
  • distinctive packaging shows what’s special about your product.
  • It communicates why your product is better than competitors.

The Benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes with logo

  • Acts like a mobile billboard for your brand.
  • Increases brand awareness wherever it goes.
  • Eye-catching cartons attract new customers.
  • Customized boxes make your brand look professional.
  • They show your products are high-quality and worth the price.
  • Customers see you as trustworthy when you have nice boxes.
  • Customized boxes fit your products perfectly and protect them.
  • Reduces damage during shipping.
  • Shows you care about delivering a good experience.
  • Use sustainable materials like recycled cardboard. This helps the planet and makes you look responsible.

Custom Packaging Box Styles

Special and unique box styles offer a wide range of options to suit different products and brand aesthetics. Some popular styles include:

  1. Folding Cartons: Versatile and cost-effective cartons that you can easily fold and assemble. Retail packaging commonly uses them, and various printing and finishing options can customize them.
  2. Rigid Boxes: Also known as set-up boxes, rigid boxes are sturdy and durable. They provide a premium look and feel, making them ideal for luxury products. You can customize rigid cartons with different materials, colors, and finishes.
  3. Corrugated Cartons: Manufacturers make corrugated cartons from a combination of fluted cardboard and linerboard. They are lightweight yet strong, providing excellent protection during shipping. You can customize corrugated boxes with printing, die-cutting, and other design elements.
  4. Sleeve Boxes: Sleeve cartons consist of a tray and a sleeve that slides over it. They offer a unique and elegant packaging solution, allowing for easy access to the product. You can customize sleeve boxes with various materials, colors, and finishes.
  5. Display Cartons: Manufacturers design display cartons to showcase products in retail environments. They often feature a window or transparent panel to allow customers to see the product inside. You can customize your product boxes with branding elements and eye-catching designs.

These are just a few examples of unique box styles. The choice of style depends on the product, brand image, and target audience. By selecting the right box style, businesses can enhance their product presentation and create a memorable unboxing experience for customers.

What is a custom printed box and how is it different from a regular box?

A custom printed box is a personalized packaging solution that can be customized with logos, designs, and branding elements. It stands out from regular boxes because it adds a unique touch to the packaging, making it more visually appealing and helping businesses create a memorable brand identity.

Display Mailer Box

A display mailer box is a custom printed box that can be used to showcase the products you are selling. These boxes are usually made out of high-quality materials and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Display mailer boxes are perfect for businesses that want to make a lasting impression on their customers. They provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and style, while also protecting your products during shipping. With a custom printed display mailer box, you can ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition and make a great first impression on your customers.

Beautiful packaging made easy

Custom printed boxes are a great way to showcase your brand and products. With the help of modern technology, it’s easy to get beautiful packaging made to fit your specific needs, including custom sizes. The process is simple: you choose the size, material, and design of the box, and then work with the manufacturer to create a custom print that perfectly represents your brand. Not only does this give your products a professional look, but it also helps to protect them during shipping and storage. Whether you’re selling online or in-store, custom printed boxes in custom sizes can elevate your brand and make a lasting impression on your customers.


Custom packaging helps small businesses stand out and be remembered. It makes products look unique compared to competitors. It increases brand visibility and makes customers see you positively. Custom packaging also protects products better.

Invest in custom packaging to get noticed and gain loyal customers. It can help your business thrive.

For high volume packaging needs, we have a huge selection of boxes and tape. We’ve got you covered, whether you need small or large boxes. Our prices are competitive. Order your essential boxes and tape from us today!

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