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Choose from our Custom Box Styles for your Product, and if you don’t find your desired box style, we can also make a new box style template for you with a 3D render.

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Offset Printing
Offset Printing

A printing technique employing a plate to transfer designs onto paper. Ideal for extensive print jobs.

Digital Printing

Plate-free digital printing transfers designs electronically, cost-effective for short runs.

Screen Printing Machine
Screen Printing

Screen printing is a method using a mesh screen and stencil to transfer ink onto a substrate.

UV Printing
UV Printing

Quick-drying printing technique utilizing ultraviolet lights for ink curing, yielding a glossy finish.

1 Side Coated Card

Premium bleached white paperboard, specially coated on one side to enhance printing & finishing.

2 Side Coated Card

Bleached white paperboard, coated on both sides to achieve superior printing quality and finishes.


Top-notch textured paper, perfect for adding a touch of style when wrapping up durable boxes.

Gold Metallic Paper
Metallic Paper

A unique paper material showcasing a shiny or matte metallic laminated surface.

White Kraft

Bleached kraft paper crafted from a blend of new and recycled pulp, coated on both sides for optimal printing.

Brown Kraft
Natural Brown Kraft

Kraft paper produced from a combination of new and recycled paper pulp, with coating on both sides for printing purposes.

Black Kraft
Black Kraft

Kraft paper dyed black, manufactured from a blend of new and recycled pulp, and coated on both sides for printing applications.

Grey Chipboard
Grey Chipboard

Crafted from recycled grey chipboard cardboard, also known as uncoated recycled paperboard, ideal for luxury rigid boxes.


Unique paper material showcasing a holographic laminated surface in either glossy or matte finish.

White Duplex Board
White Duplex Chipboard

Grey chipboard, one-sided white cardboard with a smooth, printable surface, ideal for luxury rigid boxes.

Water base Ink
Water-based Inks

Consisting of water-based pigments, Ensures top-notch color output with a 100% eco-friendly profile.

Fluorescent Inks

Fluorescent inks are vibrant, UV-reactive pigments that emit vivid colors under ultraviolet light.


Generate pure colors using specific ink formulas to consistently & precisely reproduce color in printing.

Pantone Metallic

Produce metallic colors through precise ink formulations to replicate color in printing.

Gloss Lamination
Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination enhances visual appeal by applying a shiny finish, and protecting printed materials.

Matte Lamination
Matte Lamination

Matte lamination offers a non-reflective finish, providing elegant appearance to printed materials.

Soft Touch Lamination
Soft Touch Lamination

Made with a smooth lamination that feels like touching a peach, can choose between a satin or matte.

Spot UV

A UV coating is applied to a specific area and then cured using ultraviolet light to make it sturdy.


A transparent coating is applied using the CMYK printing technique, and it comes in gloss, satin, or matte.

UV Coating

A fast-drying coating that undergoes curing through ultraviolet light is offered in both gloss and matte.


In a printing method, dies are pressed onto the back of the material to create a raised motif.


A printing technique that involves pressing dies onto the front of the material to create a raised motif.

Hot Foil Stamping

In foil relief printing, foil is transferred at high temperatures, often employing multiple colors.

Window Patching
Window Patching

Craft a die-cut shape with a plastic film layer, revealing a window to showcase the product inside.

How does the process work

Getting to Know the Process in Crat Packaging

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Add-Ons & Material Selection

We recommend the ideal material and add-ons like lamination, foiling, embossing UV, etc.

Artwork Design For Print

Get Free Design Support with your box 3d Renders or Send Your Design File for Printing.

Effortless Printing & Shipping

Upon design approval, we’ll print and conduct quality checks before shipping the boxes to you.

Learn More About Custom Food Packaging

Custom Food Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

Custom food packaging isn’t just about enclosing your product; it’s about creating an unboxing experience that resonates with consumers. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of custom food packaging, exploring its significance, design considerations, and how it can elevate your brand. With a focus on customer service every step of the way, we’ll also touch on specific features such as rigid boxes, retail packaging, and custom mailer boxes to meet your packaging needs.

Importance of Custom Food Packaging

In the competitive world of the food industry, standing out is crucial. Custom food packaging plays a pivotal role in catching the consumer’s eye, fostering brand recognition, and differentiating your product from the myriad options on the shelves. This is where the unboxing experience becomes a critical factor, creating a lasting impression that goes beyond the business days.

Branding through Packaging

The packaging is an extension of your brand. Explore how custom packaging allows you to convey your brand story, values, and mission. Learn how to use colors, logos, and taglines effectively to create a lasting impression. Consider using rigid boxes for a premium feel and retail packaging to enhance visibility on the shelves.

Design Elements for Impactful Packaging

Delve into the essential design elements that make custom food packaging not just functional but visually appealing. Understand the psychology of colors, typography, and imagery to create a package that resonates with your target audience. When considering packaging options, think about box style and custom sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your product.

Sustainability in Custom Packaging

With increasing environmental concerns, consumers are more conscious about sustainable packaging. Discover eco-friendly materials, design practices, and how incorporating sustainability into your packaging can enhance your brand’s image. Consider using mailer boxes for smaller orders or bulk orders to minimize environmental impact.

Tailoring Packaging to Food Types

Different types of food require different packaging solutions. Explore the specific considerations for packaging perishables, dry goods, and liquids. Learn about the latest innovations in packaging technology that can extend shelf life and maintain product freshness. Custom packaging boxes can be tailored to specific needs, ensuring your product is protected and presented in the best possible way.

Compliance and Regulations

Understand the legal aspects of food packaging. Learn about labeling requirements, nutritional information, and other regulations that ensure your custom packaging complies with industry standards. When placing bulk orders, be aware of minimum order quantities to stay in compliance.

Cost-Effective Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging doesn’t have to break the bank. Explore cost-effective solutions and strategies to achieve a distinctive look without compromising quality. Discover how investing in custom packaging can lead to long-term cost savings, especially when considering order size and minimum order quantities.

Consumer Experience and Engagement

Packaging is not just about the first impression; it’s about the entire consumer experience. Explore how thoughtful and functional packaging enhances the overall product experience, creating customer loyalty and positive reviews. Wonderful customer service should be a priority at every time of the year, making the entire process a great experience for the consumer.

Case Studies

Examine real-life examples of brands that have successfully utilized custom food packaging to their advantage. Understand the strategies they employed and the impact it had on their market presence and consumer perception. Consider creating a sample kit showcasing your packaging options to attract potential clients.

Future Trends in Custom Food Packaging

Wrap up the guide by exploring the future trends in custom food packaging. From smart packaging solutions to interactive designs, stay ahead of the curve to ensure your brand remains innovative and relevant. Custom mailer boxes, with your own artwork and custom sizes, could be the next big thing to provide a unique and personalized touch to your packaging.


Custom food packaging is a dynamic and ever-evolving aspect of the food industry. By understanding its importance, mastering design principles, embracing sustainability, and keeping an eye on future trends, you can leverage custom packaging to not only protect your product but also elevate your brand in the eyes of consumers. Every step of the way, from order placement to the unboxing experience, should be a testament to the great experience you provide.

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